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Rizhao Zhongrui Group Introduction


        With the core value concept of ‘making the enterprise develop, making employees rich and benefiting the society’, Rizhao Zhongrui Group’s industry covers smart real estate, industrial park operation, biotechnology, medical health, modern agriculture, international trade, energy conservation and environmental protection, marine pasture, capital investment and other fields. The Group closely follows the strategies of ‘supply-side structural reform’, ‘new and old kinetic energy conversion’ and ‘Made in China 2025’, has established a sustainable development strategy centered on ‘ecology, intelligence and technology’. The Group and its subsidiaries have received multiple awards including Shandong Key Service Industry Park, Shandong Province II Logistics Park, Shandong Fumin Xinglu Honorary Certificate, Shandong Province Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise, Shandong Famous Brand Product, Rizhao Labor Relations AAA Level harmonious enterprise, etc.
        As a city life service provider, the Group is committed to the development of smart boutique living areas, urban intelligent complexes, and characteristic industrial towns. It is assisted by modern property management, precision construction, pension and education services, and participates in the transformation of urban villages and urban infrastructure. It is leading and improving the overall quality of the city with a boutique full-scale project.
      The intelligent logistics industry park is based on the National port industrial service, and takes the quality steel supporting processing as the carrier, grasps the development opportunities of the advanced steel manufacturing base planning and construction, and provides high-end deep processing supporting value-added services to international enterprises. It consists of smart warehouse logistics, metal processing center, public management of the park, digital information center and other sections. The service industry covers machinery and equipment manufacturing, automotive parts, marine machinery, smart light industrial appliances, and metal standard parts With green, environmentally friendly and circular economy as its development purposes, the biotechnology sector has formed a product system with high-purity ethanol, ethyl acetate, gluten powder, carbon dioxide, sulfur powder extraction, butyl Ester, organic fertilizer and biological additives as the main industrial chains. We are committed to building an influential biotechnology industrial park in the region. 
        The Medicine Health Industry Park is committed to building a functional area for medical and health industries that integrates product manufacturing, technology research and development, talent pool construction, industrial cooperation and incubation, and integrated support services, in order to realize the extension and penetration of the health industry chain. The project plans to form five functional areas, namely, chemical pharmaceutical area, high-end medical equipment area, biomedical material area, health care product area and comprehensive supporting service area, which is the first one who got solid preparation drug number in Rizhao, and will become the demonstration base of the regional pharmaceutical industry characteristics integration development.
        Modern agriculture takes the implementation of rural revitalization strategy as an opportunity to deepen ecological agriculture, realize the effective grafting of science and technology and agriculture, and innovate new models of agricultural development, build an idyllic complex, enhance the integration of production of one, two, and three production, and create the famous agricultural brand represented by Hanlinchun Organic Tea and Zhongrui Ocean Ranch.
       The international trade business relies on its unique port and location advantages and is deeply integrated into “the Belt and Road” construction. It takes great efforts to effectively explore the international market, and leverage the conversion of  new and old kinetic energy, focusing on building service-oriented foreign trade, and now has established cooperative relations with more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The products involve dozens of varieties such as mining, metal materials, fine chemicals, food, etc. And it participates in the international cooperation of the “Belt and Road” countries, and takes advantage of port to do “Processing of imported materials or according to supplied samples, assembling of supplied parts, and compensation trade”
        The Group has always adhered to the principle of stable and innovative development, adhering to the quality of integrity, pursuing the realm of the future, and respecting and serving as the vision to promote the steady development of the company.

For International Trade


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